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  3. What is becoming essential in the course of economic globalization according to the author?

  A) Hiring qualified technical and management personnel.

  B) Increasing understanding of people of other cultures.

  C) Constantly updating knowledge and equipment.

  D) Expanding domestic and international markets.

  题目问在经济全球经济一体化的进程中什么变得非常重要(essential)。本题的关键词为essential,带入到文章中很快发现它出现在全文第五段:Many of us have had similar encounters with behaviors we perceive as different. As the world becomes smaller and our workplaces more diverse, it is becoming essential to expand our under-standing of others and to reexamine some of our false assumptions. 题目简单就简单在essential之后的部分便是我们要找的内容——expand our under-standing of others and to reexamine some of our false assumptions(加深对异域文化的了解,重新审视自己那些不实的假想),答案选择B。


  10. Now that she's got a boyfriend, Toebe is no longer crazy about __________.


  Since then, Toebe said, she has kept her promise to herself to cut back on her Internet use. "I have a boyfriend now, and I'm not interested in online dating," she said by phone last week. "It's a lot better now."

  题目横线之前最后几个词是crazy about(痴迷于)。这个词组没有在原文出现,不过却出现了近义词组interested in,所以在其后的短语online dating就成为了本题的答案。



  2. With the increase in the number of TV channels_________.

  A) the cost of TV advertising has decreased

  B) the nuiflber of TV viewers has increased


  C) advertisers' interest in other media has decreased

  D) the number of TV ads people can see has increased

  Television's influence on advertising is fourfold. First, narrowcasting means that television channels are seen by an increasingly narrow segment of the audience. The Golf Channel, for instance, is watched by people who play golf. Home and Garden Television is seen by those interested in household improvement projects. Thus, audiences are smaller and more homogeneous(具有共同特点的) than they have been in the past. Second, there is an increase in the number of television channels available to viewers, and thus, advertisers. This has also resulted in an increase in the sheer number of advertisements to which audiences are exposed. Third, digital recording devices allow audience members more control over which commercials they watch. Fourth, control over programming is being passed from the networks to local cable operators and satellite programmers.

  在本段中TV channels或者channel这个词多次出现给考生带来了不小的挑战。显然通读全段是不现实的。在这里也再次提醒读者注意,在应试过程中通读原文是万万不可采用的方法,很明显这样做也是违背了命题的初衷。比较现实的方法是找到该段中所有出现channel的句子,逐个与题目要求做比较,从而快速判断。一个个比较下来之后发现,在second这个词后面的句子是最符合题意的。“there is an increase in the number of television channels available to viewers, and thus, advertisers”——电视频道的增加意味着观众能看到的广告数量增加了。这样不难看出D为正确答案。


  5. According to Orzack, people who struggle with heavy reliance on the Internet may feel __________.

  A) discouraged

  B) pressured

  C) depressed

  D) puzzled


  Excessive Internet use should be defined not by the number of hours spent online but "in terms of losses," said Maressa Orzack, a Harvard University professor. "If it's a loss [whe原发性癫痫病的治疗方法有哪些re] you're not getting to work, and family relationships are breaking down as a result, then it's too much."

  Since the early 1990s, several clinics have been established in the U. S. to treat heavy Internet users. They include the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery and the Center for Internet Behavior.

  The website for Orzack's center lists the following among the psychological symptoms of computer addiction:


  Physical symptoms listed include dry eyes, backaches, skipping meals, poor personal hygiene (卫生) and sleep disturbances.

  People who struggle with excessive Internet use maybe depressed or have other mood disorders, Orzack said. When she discusses Internet habits with her patients, they often report that being online offers a "sense of belonging, and escape, excitement [and] fun," she said. "Some people say relief…because they find themselves so relaxed."

  不少考生看到这儿就觉得无所适从,不知从何读起,更不知道从何处寻觅答案。首先要记住题目要求——与网络依赖想抗争的人会有什么心理反应。循着这个线索逐一比较这几个段落。首先排除第一段,因为它的开始部分讲的是过度沉迷互联网——excessive Internet use;第二段起始部分是时间状语——since the early 1990s,这个也不是题目所涉及的内容/同理排除第三段和第四段。一直到第四段第一句终于出现了与题干几乎完全重合的部分,由此判断答案必然在该句出现。果不其然,答案就是“People who struggle with excessive Internet use maybe depressed”——与网络沉迷抗争的人可能会感觉情绪低落,所以该题答案选择C。


  1. What eventually made Carla Toebe realize she was spending too much time on the Internet?

  A) Her daughter's repeated complaints.

  B) Fatigue resulting from lack of sleep.

  C) The poorly managed state of her house.

  D) The high financial costs adding up.


  A few months ago, it wasn't unusual for 47-year-old Carla Toebe to spend 15 hours per day online. She'd wake up early, turn on her laptop and chat on Internet dating sites an癫痫频繁发作原因d instant-messaging programs – leaving her bed for only brief intervals. Her household bills piled up, along with the dishes and dirty laundry, but it took near-constant complaints from her four daughters before she realized she had a problem.

  诚然,从头到尾“快速”读完确实是个办法——而且也是绝大多数考生使用的办法,但这样做完全失去了skimming的意义。换个角度来说,如果每个题目都像这样把段落读完,那么十道题加在一起所积累的阅读量势必将超过15分钟的大限。其实大部分文章的段落重点或者说中心都集中在首末句上。略读所要考察的就是考生是否敢于大胆抓住首末句,抛去段落中间的无效部分,从而迅速找到答案。以本题而言,该段最后一句,尤其是but之后的“it took near-constant complaints from her four daughters before she realized she had a problem”(直到她的四个女儿开始不断发出抱怨的时候她在开始意识到自己出问题了)就是答案所在位置。故而选择A选项。


  6. What did Dale think of Mindsets LLC’s workshop?

  A) It was well-intentioned but poorly conducted.

  B) It tapped into the executives’ full potential.

  C) It helped him make fair decisions.

  D) It met participants’ diverse needs.


  “I had a management position open in my department ;and the two finalists were a man and a woman . Had I not attended this workshop , I would have automatically assumed the man was the best candidate because the position required quite a bit of extensive travel . …”Dale’s assumptions are another example of the well-intentioned but incorrect thinking that limits an organization’s ability to tap into the full potential of a diverse workforce .

  “I learned from the class that instead of imposing my gender biases into the situation , I needed to present the full range of duties, responsibilities and expectations to all candidates and allow them to make an informed decision .” Dale credits the workshop , “because it helped me make decisions based on fairness .”

  这道题目的要求更高。考生不仅要知道重点在两个段落的首末句上,还需要结合题目所问,对这四个句子孰轻孰重作出预先判断,然后再进行阅读。题目问的是Dale对这个研讨班的看法。据此看来一段第一句无效,因其起始部分讲到的是Dale在公司的position(职位)。同样该段末句也无效,Dale’s assum癫痫病哪家医院治的较好ptions——讲的是Dale原先的一些错误想法和做法。很可惜的是当年不少考生都在这两个句子上耗费了大量时间,甚至还有个别考生通读该段,这样自然是得不偿失。

  再来看下一段的第一句,I learned from the class that instead of imposing my gender biases into the situation(我通过学习知道不能把自己的性别比、偏见带到工作中去)。这句话有用吗?显然也不行。因为它所讲到的是Dale在学习班里的收获。最后一句说道“because it helped me make decisions based on fairness”(因为这个研讨班让我能做出公平的选择)。读到这里第六题的答案也就顺理成章的选择C了。


  7. Andrew Heidrich now visits websites that discuss online gaming addiction to __________.

  A) improve his online gaming skills

  B) curb his desire for online gaming

  C) show how good he is at online gaming

  D) exchange online gaming experience


  Andrew Heidrich, an education network administrator from Sacramento, plays World of Warcraft for about two to four hours every other night, but that's nothing compared with the 40 to 60 hours a week he spent playing online games when he was in college. He cut back only after a full-scale family intervention (干预), in which relatives told him he'd gained weight.

  "There's this whole culture of competition that sucks people in" with online gaming, said Heidrich, now a father of two. "People do it at the expense of everything that was a constant in their lives." Heidrich now visits websites that discuss gaming addiction regularly "to remind myself to keep my love for online games in check."

  如果读者朋友掌握了我们刚才所讲的方法自然就会觉得这题就比较轻松了。同样是抓住两个段落的四个重点句,然后根据题干进行判断。分析过程这里就不再赘述。很明显第二段最后一句是符合要求的。Heidrich now visits websites that discuss gaming addiction regularly "to remind myself to keep my love for online games in check."(Heidirch现在经常浏览那些探讨网友成瘾问题的网站,不时提醒自己克制对网游的喜爱。)所以答案选择B。


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